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As web design is simply my hobby and pastime, I do not have any formal qualifications related to web development. However, I do have various qualifications from

My transcript ID is 6103951.

Web Design Concepts
WWW Concepts
HTML 4.0
Written English
Photoshop CS
Dreamweaver MX
MS Word

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Corkhill Care Centre

17 Aug

I am now in the finishing stages of my latest project - Corkhill Care Centre. It is a ... Read more

By stephen on 17/08/2009

I'm still here

18 Jun

Another year of University is finished and so I'm back home for a few months! After a small tester today I realise I still have most of my web develop ... Read more

By stephen on 18/06/2009

Change of scenery

09 Feb

It's been a grand total of 8 months since I last wrote here. In that time, close to nothing has happened regarding my web development ... mainly due t ... Read more

By stephen on 09/02/2008

The weather, my hard disk and a postal strike

12 Jul

Weather is the lowest of low of conversation, but it's time for my monthly blog post and I've nothing else to talk about. Northern Ireland still hasn' ... Read more

By stephen on 12/07/2007

What to do if...

14 Jun

The search bar in Firefox produces some intriguing suggested searches sometimes. So what's th ... Read more

By stephen on 14/06/2007