Stephen Knox


Web Design

I have a great interest in web design and some of my recent work can be found in the portfolio section. I make tailored sites for any purpose, and a quotation can be provided upon request. I place great importance upon well updated sites, and so if required, I can code a PHP control panel for you as the client to control all aspects of their site. A basic 6-8 page website with simple control panel will cost between 180 and 300 depending on requirements.

Domain Registration and Hosting

All the technicalities of a website can be difficult to grasp, and I can arrange everything upon request. I have good links with domain registrars and hosting companies, and this allows me to get rock bottom prices - and pass these savings onto you. Typically, I will charge £30 per year for the hosting (web site storage) and domain (the name of your site). I only charge the cost price, unlike other web designers who may charge £100+ per year to unsuspecting customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is no point in a website which cannot be noticed by visitors, and this is where SEO is important. I use special techniques to get you as far up the rankings as possible, based on key phrases supplied by you. Recently I completed and SEO was a key factor. Within a month, Badger Lodge was appearing in the top 3 results for the more important key phrases, and in the first two pages for more vague phrases. In less than two months, the first booking had been made and the site declared a success.

Logo / Graphics design

My graphics design skills are limited, but upon request I may be able to conjure up a nice logo for your new site. All the graphics used in the sites in my portfolio are self made, so that will give you an idea of my skills in this area.

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