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Apple imac tutorial

This is what you will be creating.


Make a new document, 600x600
Make a selection with the rectangular marquee tool 570x470px (Use the fixed size option to help you)

Go to Select: Modify: Smooth 15px to round your selection slightly.

Create a new layer, then fill the selection with white. Double click on the layer and add a 3px stroke #e0e0e0, then add the following gradient overlay. Make sure you choose reflected gradient and have it at 0 degrees. You may need to check the "reverse" box.

Name that layer “base”, then create a new layer “screen”.

Make a new selection 500x320, and use Select: Modify: Smooth 5px. Fill this selection with black.

Without deselecting, go to filter: Noise: add noise and use something like this to give an LCD screen effect.

Create a new layer “iSight” (that’s Apple’s name for the webcam!) and use the elliptical selection tool to make a small circle 12x12px. Fill this circle with #5a5a5a. Now make a smaller selection (around 5x5px) inside the grey circle and fill it with black. If you like, you can do this on a new layer to move it around easily.

Create a new layer called “light” and make a 2x2px rectangular selection and fill it with a bright green colour. Place this to the left of the isight to form an LED.

Head over to and find an Apple logo. Resize this and fill it with #d9d9d9. Place this at the bottom of the screen like so:

Use your favourite method to create a selection like this to form the shape of the stand:

Use the gradient fill tool and create a gradient like this to colour the stand.

Create a new layer and drag the gradient as follows:

The final step is to add a small band to represent the front of the stand. This is easily done with a selection, then a gradient overlay. You might also like to add a drop shadow with low opacity to complete the drawing. Add the shadow on the layer with the front band.


My hosting is with Site5!

Please visit my homepage!