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This tutorial will teach you how to draw the end of a usb cable.

This is what we are working towards:




Make a new document as about 500x600 and use the polygonal lasoo tool to make a selection like this (hold shift to draw the straight lines):



Make a new layer and fill the selection with black. Duplicate the layer (right click, duplicate) and go to edit:transform:Flip horizontal and use the move tool to move the shape into position to the right of the previous shape. Merge the 2 layers by clicking one of them, holding control, clicking the other, then right click, merge layers:



Hold down ctrl and click on the layer you are working with and go to select:modify:smooth, 8px. Repeat for 4px, 2px and 1px to get a smooth selection. Open up a new layer and fill the selection with black. Right click on the old layer and select delete – you don’t need this any more.



Now zoom into one side of the shape. Make a rectangular selection and delete parts of the shape like this:



Now repeat for the other side of the image. Next you need to hold ctrl and click on the layer again. Now smooth the selection by 2px, create a new layer and fill the new layer black, and delete the old layer.



That’s the plastic piece done, now its time to add the metal plug bit at the top of the image. Open a new layer and make a rectangular selection. Fill the layer with a grey colour. Click and drag this layer to below the last one – this makes sure it will never overlap the plastic.



Now its time for some blending effects to make everything a bit more realistic. Double click on the plastic layer and apply these effects.





Now back to the plug bit. Mine is much too dark so im going to fill the shape with #e2e2e2. Then apply these blending effects:





I added a background colour to bring the shape “out” and after the effects I was left with this:



Make a selection in the middle of the image and go to selection:modify:smooth 4px. Fill it with #d8d8d8 and you should have this:



Now apply the following blending effects







Et voila! This gives the appearance of depth to the image - look at an actual USB cable!



Now for the USB logo. I made the image with basic shapes, you can download the psd for this image here <Link to logo.psd> (or make it yourself :) If you download then just drag the layer on to the top of the image and resize using edit:transform:scale if necessary.


Apply the following blending effects




… and ...



Now we are going to make the “A” shape at the bottom of the object. Make a rectangular selection, a new layer and fill it with any colour.


Now right click on you layer for the background of the USB logo and select “copy layer style.” Then right click on your new layer and select “paste layer style.”


Grab the text tool and type “A.” Change the size as necessary and make it colour #454545. Double click on the layer and add a 1px black stroke and a small bevel and emboss.



All that’s really left to be done to the image now is a bit of detail on the plug bit.


New layer, Make a rectangular selection and smooth it (select:modify:smooth, 4px) and fill it with #8e8e8e.



Apply this blending effect:



Now duplicate the layer and position as necessary.



Draw a 1px thick retangle that will be a connector inside the USB end. Fill it with #d7bd16. Now duplicate that layer and fill it #a08b05 and place it to the left of the previous layer. This will form a 3D effect. Place those 2 rectangles inside the shape we made previously so it appears to be behind it. Duplicate the 2 layers and place these inside the other hole.



And that’s basically the image finished. I added a few extra pieces of detail. The cable was simply a retangle with a liner gradient overlay (double click on layer, gradient overlay). The flex lines on the cable were also retangles with a bevel and emboss.


This is one I made earlier…





My hosting is with Site5!

Please visit my homepage!